Our Products

Teach Native Culture’s most unique and sought after product is its custom made teaching resources. These kits are designed to assist individuals
who wish to teach culture and language to the children in their lives. They are virtual activities that allow the individual to physically interact and visualize the experiences they are teaching about. Many of the virtual resources include a custom designed activity, a lesson plan, and language/vocabulary resources such as QR codes and recordings. All of these components working together, aim to create an accessible learning opportunity for both the individual and the children in their lives.


Types of resources available includes:


The songs are designed to teach beginner Mohawk language learners to use the language in a meaningful way.


Culturally enriched videos that engage the viewer with language or culturally relevant content.


The games include a set of instructions for individuals to help children interact with the language and culture in a fun and inviting activity.

Books Coming Soon!

Books include pictures and language that captures the attention of a variety of age groups.


The printables are one or two activity pages that can be printed and used as an activity or game.

Vocabulary Lists

Each set of lists includes: 10 written Mohawk words, 10 MP3 recordings, and 10 QR codes.