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Kristi Talbot is a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over a decade of experience serving her Indigenous community in Fort Erie, Ontario.

She has dedicated much of that time to reclaiming her culture and language so that she may pass it on to the children and families of her community. Kristi has formal training in Early Childhood Education, Visual Arts, and the Mohawk language. The combination of these skills has allowed Kristi to create a unique and modern approach to the teaching and sharing of traditions. Recognizing that children learn best through a hands-on approach, Kristi works to create culturally rich activities that are engaging and allow the learner to explore and investigate the knowledge. As an Educator herself, Kristi also recognizes that it is essential to create resources that allow for ease of access and application. She does this so that she may assist fellow Educators in their professional development. Kristi achieves this by providing detailed lesson plans and several variations of teaching tools. Many of the resources Kristi has already created have been utilized by herself and fellow Educators and have been successfully implemented year after year in many Indigenous organizations.  


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Teach Native Culture

Indigenous education solution service

Teach Native Culture is an Indigenous education solution service, aiming to preserve and share the language and culture. The products and services offered through this company allow for you to not only learn the language and teachings, but also empowers you to share and teach what you have learned.  

Teach Native Culture has a variety of products and services that all
serve the greater purpose to share Indigenous language and culture. The products and services offered will be client centered and may be custom made to fit your needs.

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Most unique and sought after product:

Custom made teaching resources

Teach Native Culture’s most unique and sought after product is its custom made teaching resources. These kits are designed to assist individuals
who wish to teach culture and language to the children in their lives. They are
virtual activities that allow the individual to physically interact and
visualize the experiences they are teaching about. Many of the virtual
resources include a custom designed activity, a lesson plan, and language/vocabulary resources such as QR codes and recordings. All of these
components working together, aim to create an accessible learning opportunity for both the individual and the children in their lives.

Please Note:

The purchase of these resources are for personal use only.
Please contact us for inquiries on licensing for in-class or school board permissions.